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ROI-Driven Inbound Marketing Solutions

Marketing is pointless if it doesn’t result in actual sales and increased revenue. At the end of the day, things like brand awareness, social media presence and glamorous events are only valuable if you can see a concrete return on your investment.

Our conversion-driven Inbound marketing solutions are designed to generate real ROI and sustainably grow your business. 



We get you off to a flying start by setting clear, ROI-focused goals and laying out a clear plan for achieving them.


Inbound Marketing

Our Inbound marketing solutions help your ideal customers find you when they need you. We achieve this by using helpful content to convert them into leads and customers.



The most effective marketing treats customers as individuals. We help you understand the buyer journey and create tailored messaging for each phase of the sales funnel.


Smart Growth

Smart branding = smart growth. Our branding solution ensures that your positioning puts your company on the road to success.


Conversion-Driven Website

Your website forms the nucleus of your Inbound marketing strategy. You need a slick, modern website that operates as an online sales machine.


Blogging Platform

Strategic blogging is a powerful lead generation tactic that helps you attract, educate and convert your ideal customers. We help you come up with strategic content ideas and produce top quality content.


Marketing & Sales Integration

When marketing and sales work together as one revenue-generation team, the deals start rolling in. Give your sales team the tools and support they need with holistic ‘smarketing’ strategies.



HubSpot-Salesforce Integration

Integrating your marketing automation and CRM platforms makes for a smooth, streamlined, holistic sales process. Bridge the gap between marketing and sales.



Marketing Automation Platform Migration

Want to migrate your marketing automation platform from Marketo or Pardot to HubSpot? We can help you.

Our Tried & Tested Inbound Marketing Process

A cornerstone of any successful marketing or sales program is using a tried-and-tested method. At Synx, we don’t rely on guesswork or ‘gut feel’. Instead, we follow a proven Inbound marketing process that uses thorough research, real data and an integrated, agile approach to generate sales and increase revenue. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of our Inbound marketing process:
1. Discovery

The discovery phase is the first step in our Inbound marketing process. We begin by peeling back the layers of your business to better understand what direction you want to take. Then, we set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goals that fit within your budget to help you achieve your business outcomes.

2. Identification

Once we understand your business and your goals, we identify your ideal clients in a collaborative persona workshop. This is a vital step in the Inbound marketing process; we can’t move on until your buyer personas are complete and approved.

3. Research

Once we understand your ideal clients’ issues, problems, frustrations, ambitions and goals, we begin looking at how we can reach them with the right content. This includes doing keyword research and brainstorming content ideas for every stage of the sales funnel. Because we understand how your ideal clients research purchase decisions online, we’re able to align conversion-driven content with your clients’ unique buyer journeys. In some cases, we dig even deeper into your ideal customer’s psyche with an empathy workshop.

6. Schedule

Now that we have everyone on the same page, we can put a plan in place to help you achieve your business outcomes. At this stage of the Inbound marketing process, we also determine exactly what content needs to be created, and at what time.

5. Alignment

The best marketing and sales teams work together as fully-integrated revenue-generation teams. When your marketing and sales teams aren’t working towards the same set of goals, conflict and miscommunication result in missed sales opportunities. In this phase, we make sure that your people are aligned with your values and that both sales and marketing are working together to achieve your SMART goals.

4. Strategy

In the strategy stage, we put all of the learnings from the previous stages together. The result – a document detailing your various buyer personas – will inform every single action you take in your marketing and sales strategies. If an action, message or piece of content doesn’t add value, solve a problem, or delight a persona, don't even bother with it.

7. Execute

Finally, the plans are all in place and everything is set up and ready to go. We’re now ready to begin implementing your holistic Inbound marketing strategy. As the cogs are set in motion, you embark on the journey towards building your business and fulfilling your dreams.

8. Review & Refine

An important part of the Inbound marketing process is constant analysis and improvement. Now that we have an amazing platform in place and a powerful strategy in motion, we regularly measure your progress against your SMART goals. In addition, we constantly analyse your marketing data to make educated decisions on how to refine, improve and evolve your marketing and sales strategies.

9. Repeat

Once we have reviewed and refined what's working, it's all about repeating and ensuring consistency.

At Synx, our tried-and-tested methodology is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our team are passionate about what they do. 



We are an Inbound marketing agency in Melbourne that’s passionate about creating innovative digital strategies that deliver real results. To find out more about how our Inbound marketing process can benefit your business, get in touch with us here.

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