What is TOF, MOF, BOF?

These are stages of the buyer's journey we need to understand.


TOF - Top of the Funnel

The top of the funnel in the sales process, or buyers journey, is all about education. Providing the buyer with relevant, meaningful information about your product or service. This is the stage when we want to understand specific buyer triggers. What is a change in the buyer's behaviour that we want to be able to assist your buyer. All about VALUE here. 

MOF - Middle of the funnel

Is all about positioning the solution as one that solves the buyers needs. At this stage if you can answer a lot of the consideration questions you will build trust and credibility with the buyer. Providing case studies, white papers and videos are great tools to demonstrate your ability to solve the buyers challenges. All about answering questions here

BOF - Bottom of the funnel

This is when someone is ready to buy, so the solution that has helped the most and has gained the most trust, and makes the process as frictionless as possible will win. This stage of the process provides more specific details about pricing, demos or product trials. All about making it simple here. 


You can see here in some more detail.