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Video for Sales, Marketing, and Service

Level up up your whole customer journey with the use of video. Video has become a powerhouse in recent years being used for everything from advertisements, social media, tutorials, proposals, meetings, webinars and much more. 

Video is critical to any inbound marketing methodology. That's why we have partnered with Vidyard to help deliver the power of video for your organisation. 

Crush quotas with video selling

By utilising video as a part of your sales toolbox, you can earn up to 3x more responses. 

  • Record and send personal videos to prospects
  • Create introductions, follow-ups, and meeting recaps
  • Give a personalised walkthrough of your proposal
  • Customise videos based upon lead status
Video for Marketing
Boost engagement and conversions

Video provides a platform for marketers to tell a story that text communication simply cannot. 

  • Connect to your audience with emotion 
  • Capture leads  video CTAs for product demonstrations and webinars
  • Educate buyers on how you can help them solve their problems 
  • Gain more insight into buying patterns with video metrics
Improve customer service and support

Delight customers by providing faster and, oftentimes more preferred, support for your customer service team

  • Provide customised onboarding and account setup
  • Close tickets faster with walkthroughs and demonstrations for complex issues
  • Create a video knowledge base for self-service support
  • Send personalised thank you follow-ups from support agents

Looking to get started?

We would be love to get your team up and running with Vidyard. Our typical support includes, but not limited to: 

  • Technical setup of Vidyard
  • Video migration
  • Admin and user training
  • Integration into HubSpot

Get in touch with us to learn how Synx can help your business get started with video!

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