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Synx Services  - Terms & Conditions

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Synx Terms and Conditions. 

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The term of this agreement shall remain in effect and be binding upon the parties commencing upon acceptance of the quote. Synx Group Pty Ltd and the client have the right to mutually amend this contract and scope of work at any time.

1, Timeline
Project Commencement

The project will not begin until Synx Group Pty Ltd (Synx) receives proof of payment for the first 50% of the project from the client. A Project Plan, and an estimated start and delivery date will be specified by Synx Group Pty Ltd. Synx Group Pty Ltd is not responsible for delays resulting from the client’s action or inaction.

2. Change of Project Scope
Should the project scope change, an additional quote can be provided to accommodate the additional deliverables desired. Synx Group Pty Ltd only commits to provide the deliverables listed in accepted quote.

3. Payment terms
3.1 The CLIENT shall pay Synx Group Pty Ltd per PROJECT:
3.1.1 50% of all project costs upfront prior to project start date which will start once proof of payment has been received;
3.1.2 50% of the remaining project costs to be paid upon completion and is payable 7 days from presentation of Invoice.
3.1.5 For additional services rendered by Synx Group Pty Ltd, the Client shall pay Synx Group Pty Ltd the amount agreed to by the Parties in accordance with clause 3.1.4 above.
3.2 The client shall pay Synx Group Pty Ltd per RETAINER:
3.2.1 The monthly cost is invoiced in 30 days in advance and is payable 15 days from invoice date.
3.2.2 For additional services rendered by Synx Group Pty Ltd, the Client shall pay Synx Group Pty Ltd the amount agreed to by the Parties in accordance with clause 1 above.

4. Next steps
4.1 Host kick-off call
4.2 Create project plan
4.3 Kick-off project or retainer and follow the necessary process for delivery of items listed in the accepted quote.

5. General
5.1 Two reverts are allowed for each piece of content produced, thereafter a revised cost estimate to be provided for additional changes/work.
5.2 The Client owns all content produced, HTML/CSS/Javascript code, visual design, pictures and or images and Source Code unless other wise speficied.
5.3 All requested images used in blog posts will be sourced using Google Images or the use of free stock image services specified by the client, unless photography is supplied by the client or the client has purchased custom designed imagery or the custom designed imagery has been included in the retainer.

6. Subcontracting
Synx Group Pty Ltd shall be entitled to enter into any sub-contract with any person or entity for the performance of any part of this Agreement, without the consent of the Client, it being agreed that, notwithstanding such sub-contracting, Synx Group Pty Ltd shall remain responsible for all its obligations as provided for in the Agreement, including confidentiality obligations with subcontractor(s).

7. Exclusions
The following are not covered under any quote and will be priced separately:

Subscription to any platform or software.
Website updates that cannot be done through a common CMS.
Media spend

8. Termination of contract

8.1. Projects may be terminated by either party with 30 days notice.
8.2. An agile retainer runs for a minimum period of 3 months and may be terminated by either party with 30 days notice. If termination is requested while the 3 month sprint is in motion, it will have to run it's course with payment due, and at the end of the sprint all work will stop.

9. Revert Policy

9.1. Interpretation:

9.1.1. "Revert": After a project has been handed over to the client for review and feedback, a revert allows a client to ‘reply’ with changes on the work we have delivered in accordance with the initial project scope, without incurring additional costs.

9.1.2. "Project sign-off": All changes in both revert one and two has been resolved and the client has accepted these changes. Should Synx Group Pty Ltd not receive any feedback from the client within 3 business days of submitting the final written confirmation to the client, regarding the completion of the project, Synx Group Pty Ltd will deem that project as accepted by the client and will invoice the remaining balance of the project


9.2.1. Two reverts are allowed for each project item/deliverable produced, thereafter a revised cost estimate will be raised for any additional changes. The first revert needs to be as detailed as possible as to cover all bases as the second revert can only be on the changes requested in the first round. What does this mean for the client:

It is the client’s responsibility to go through all delivered items carefully and make a concise list of any changes/reverts that you would like implemented and communicate this to Synx Group Pty Ltd.
Avoid sending changes one-by-one as this can be extremely hard to keep track of and some requested changes could be missed. Each list of documented changes will be treated as a revert. When you’re on list number three, additional costs to implement these changes could be incurred.
Number of days between delivering something for review and receiving the feedback/changes What does this mean for Synx Group Pty Ltd:

It is up to Synx Group Pty Ltd to ensure that the client understands this revert policy
Synx Group Pty Ltd may query reverts and ask for extra clarification on the changes requested before changes get implemented.

Synx Terms & Conditions