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realestate.com.au integration into HubSpot is live

It has been a busy month at Synx HQ. We've put our dev hats on to solve some complex problems for our clients.

Having implemented a HubSpot portal for a client in the realestate verticle over 18 months ago, I asked the question, "Can we get the details so I can organise your leads from realestate.com.au to come into HubSpot?" What do you think I got at that time? "We can give you a CSV file. Will that do?" Well, no, I thought. But we had to leave it at that. 

realestate.com.au has now come to the party and have started to build out some APIs to connect to their marketplace. Realestate.com.au integration into hubspot is now live. If you are not sure what realestate.com.au is, its the leading real estate site in Australia, with over 2 million visitiors a month so if you are in real estate its a market place to place your property. 

So when we found this out, we were like BOOM, we can build that integration for you. We have since been coding away and built an integration from realestate.com.au directly into HubSpot. So what does this mean?


realestate.com.au integration into HubSpot is live
By Charles McKay on 08 Feb 2017

It has been a busy month at Synx HQ. We've put our dev hats on to solve some complex..

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