680% increase in sales-qualified leads for Plungie

Less work and faster growth. Our HubSpot implementation created efficiencies and accelerated business for Australia's largest pre-cast pool company.

680% increase in customers wanting to talk to a salesperson

New systems meant not having to hire new staff

80% drop in administration work, data entry and customer follow up


Formally known as "The Plunge Pool Company", Plungie is the world’s largest manufacturer of pre-cast concrete plunge pools. Plungie built its first pool in 2018, shaking up the market. Fast to make and easy to install, Plungie enabled customers to have a top of the line pool installed in days, not months.

By 2021, when Plungie came to us, the company was rapidly expanding.

Two employees were overwhelmed every day with around 80 phone and 100 website enquiries. Working with time-consuming customer requests, spreadsheets, multiple marketing platforms and no clear processes, they couldn’t keep up. Plungie either needed to find more staff or find us.

We had the solutions. The new players in the concrete pool industry needed to pour solid foundations in marketing. Working with HubSpot software, our team streamlined the way the business handled and tracked its dealings with customers.

We created a new website, replaced multiple systems with one, gave a fresh focus to how customers interacted with Plungie and developed a handy tech tool, which solved a labour intensive problem.

Results were quick to follow. Time spent on administration, data entry and following up customers fell by 80 per cent, while the number of customers who were ready to talk to a salesperson increased by a dramatic 680 per cent. Their workload was dropping while their business was growing.

How we did it

System solution

Plungie had multiple systems for marketing, but none were linked in with key spreadsheets used for placing orders and manufacturing. Our team implemented HubSpot’s software, replacing several platforms with one. We configured HubSpot’s business-to-business and business-to-consumer pipelines, giving staff clear access to all the information they needed and generating automatic emails for customers.

Customer focused

Working with one system helped Plungie become more consumer focused. We ran workshops to map out the journey customers commonly took through marketing, sales and operations. This helped develop clear marketing processes and improve data management, as well as the overall customer experience. Our team rolled out HubSpot software as a customised product to meet Plungie’s needs.

Freight fix

One of the most common enquiries involved freight fees. Plungie’s pools are competitively priced, but delivery and installation costs vary. To give rough quotes, staff were dealing with multiple freight companies. It was a slow process, which didn’t always result in a sale.

We found a better way. Freight companies provided us transport costs for eligible postcodes around Australia, which we used to create a new tool on Plungie’s website. It gives customers an instant quote, combing estimated freight costs with the pool model they’ve chosen and sends an automatic email with the details. This replaces several phone calls with a few clicks, significantly reducing the workload in the Plungie office.

Designed to grow

A new tool was just the start of a fresh face online for what was the Plunge Pool Company, which we rebranded to become Plungie. The business needed to look as high end as its luxury products. We developed a new website and it isn’t just fancy, but functional. Our team built the site using a growth-driven design, so it can evolve as the business does.

Plungie today

Plungie’s product was in demand, but its marketing systems were outdated and holding back the business. We helped it grow, using digital know-how instead of more staff. Today it’s a more efficient operation, shipping pools around Australia, Canada and the United States.

A compliment after our own hearts; customer care and problem solving is what we’re about. The team here at Synx is cheering on Plungie as it dives into an ocean of opportunity, looking its Summer best.