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(Video) Ideal Clients aligned with Buyer Personas

Have you identified your ideal client? Aligning your personas and ideal clients is key

I get asked this question all the time: what is an ideal client, what is a buyer persona and how do I identify them?

1. Your ideal client is either one of the following: an end client you are going to provide a product or service to, or a partner or referal to get you to that end client. Once we've identified our ideal client we want to deep dive into the detail on what sort of business it is. For example: size, location, revenue, vertical, certification, platforms they use etc, it really depends on how deep you want to go!

2. Identify the key decision makers and influencers within that ideal client and that is who we build our buyer personas around. You may have 2-3 to start with and develop them from there. Keep in mind having too many can be a distraction, so keep it tight and refine as necessary.

Check out the following video to see my explanation. 


(Video) Ideal Clients aligned with Buyer Personas



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