Charles McKay

Charles built a very successful I.T. Business from the ground up prior to SYNX. Bringing advanced technology skills to digital marketing, and the ability to explain it simply to his customers, is allowing SYNX to stand out in an overcrowded under-educated market. Synx is a digital marketing agency based in Australia, focusing our work on Marketing Automation, Demand Generation, Lead Generation and Social Selling.

Stories by Charles

Inbound Marketing

How to Avoid the Subculture | Ep. 07

Dave Shepherd is a long term HubSpot employee who joined us on our seventh episode to talk about sales leadership and building a culture with your...

Success Stories

Getting Your Mindset Right | Ep. 06

Aimee Engelmann has successfully founded and led two global businesses — both of which were predominantly female in male industries.


Just Pick Up the Phone | Ep. 05

We welcomed James McCarthy to this week's podcast to chat over how modern businesses can get back to delighting customers by just getting on the...

Inbound Business Tips

Digital transformation in the new world

Daryn Smith of Huble Digital joins us on Beyond Business with Synx, to discuss how businesses today need to digitally transform their system and...

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