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When was the last time you got frustrated during your sales process when you couldn’t figure out who the key decision maker was? Or who determines the budget? What about knowing where your key prospects and accounts lived to help you plan events and outreach programs in certain areas? 

For episode 02 of the Beyond Business with Synx podcast, we had the opportunity to interview Dan Currin, co-founder and CEO of OrgChartHub. Dan has built an agile sustainable software business by putting together an out of the box thinking solution for a problem he was facing at another organization. 

Some of the show highlights include: 

  • How Dan got to where he is today, the co-founder of a software company 
  • What led Dan to create a tool to alleviate some of the pains he was facing in his sales process
  • How Dan and his co-founder have created a software company with just two employees and aim to keep this lean model to stay sustainable
  • Understanding what challenges you’re facing, get it down to as niche as possible, and then work up from there
  • Gathering regular feedback and functionality from your users and prospects will guarantee your roadmap continues
  • How OrgChartHub solves the pains that a lot of sales reps and account managers face and how it integrates into HubSpot’s CRM seamlessly
  • Utilising tools to categorise your accounts more effectively


Links and Resources 

Dan Currin on LinkedIn

Dan Currin on Twitter


OrgChartHub on Twitter


The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

Quotes by Dan

  • “I solved too many problems that just weren't my so I didn't really understand them.” 
  • “We get regular feedback from our users and prospects as well prospects using on a smaller scale. And so we have a really clear roadmap on that and it will never end. ” 

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