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About Synx

we are Xero Integraters located in Melbourne, Australia that specialize in commercial real estate.

What we do?

Assist in moving your office to the cloud. Turning Technology into a profit center not a cost center. These cloud applications all work with Xero cloud accounting.

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Synx Values

Synx are all about serving our clients We are results driven. success and empowering our clients is very important part of our culture. We want long term relationships with our clients and long term partnerships with suppliers.

A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.

-- Barack Obama --

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Our Services

Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience who are passionate about creating business efficiency and generating more revenu for you.

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Our Testimonials

  • Since employing Charles and the Synx team to consult in to our business we have achieved the following: Our entire accounts program is now through xero and our accountants access it remotely for our taxation requirements – saves money All of our internal systems are integrated straight to xero – saves money Our entire business was moved initially to the cloud & then into a series of private & shared drop boxes – saves time and money The office is now completely wireless and everything works seamlessly – saves time Synx established an offshore network to process 80% of our administration at about 10% of its previous cost – saved lots of money Synx may be the only consultants that can actually show you savings and increased efficiency instantly. We highly recommend them to everyone other than our competitors. !.

    Grant Allen CEO, Gravia Media.
  • It’s been fantastic working with you and the Synx team, all I can really offer is positive feedback as the brief we started with was very close to where we ended up so from a development point of view that’s all we can ask for. Your input and ideas where constructive and I think the guys should find the new process saves them a heap of time as well as helping them keep track of each of the projects so everyone deserves a pat on the back. Look forward to the next Project! Xero Add-on Pro Workflow

    Richard Poole CTO Pro Workflow
  • We enrolled Synx to help us design and implement a project management system for our company Portfolio Housing Group Pty Ltd. Our company required a easy to use system that allowed access for everyone in our office based on the 4 main forms used in our office. These 4 forms were the basis of our requirements and allow 50% of the information required for any one project. The custom built forms enabled us to systemise our business and have all our information stored in one central location. The Proworkflow system that was designed for us took into consideration the requirements we have for each project and prompts us at each marked date. With so many projects on the go at once it is now easy for us to know exactly what is due and when and prompts us to take the action required for each task. It also produces all our invoices for each project and sends it through to our accounting system Xero. The training and follow up service provide to us by Synx and Proworkflow is great and it has built in training videos for us to use if we need a refresher on how to do a task. Charles goes through from the very start from drawing diagrams and pictures to looking after us if we have a problem or glitch to ensure everything is running smoothly and the program is looking like you expected it to.

    Trudy Davison COO, Portfolio Housing Group Pty Ltd

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03 8685 8441

9/10, Northumberland St, South Melbourne, Victoria 3207, Australia

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