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Synx is an inbound marketing & sales agency. We are focused on full pipeline sales & marketing for B2B software, technology services, and property and technology dependent companies.

We are passionate about empowering people and technology to deliver results. Making digital simple.

About Synx

Why Synx?

Located in Melbourne, Australia, we focus on your entire sales & marketing funnel using Inbound solutions to accelerate growth.
This customer acquisition is achieved by unifying your marketing and sales process to deliver more clients at a higher retention and satisfaction rate. 

Our Services

Inbound Marketing

Building compounding digital assets to grow your business by attracting qualified prospects and seamlessly convert them into leads.

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight 
Sales Enablement

Give your sales team the ammunition with the tools they need to turn qualified prospects into happy customers.

  • Personal Analysis
  • Efficiency
  • System Design
  • Operation Structure sales and marketing alignment
Platform Migrations

Migrate your old CRM's into the powerful new HubSpot CRM. Move your marketing automation platform from Marketo or Pardot to HubSpot.

  • Training
  • Growth
  • Engagement
  • Change


Are you looking to take your sales to the next level? We have a stack of tools that can help you with sales and marketing engagement. Visit our resources page to find out more.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Attract, Convert, Close, Delight
We originally partnered with Synx to help us ramp up our inbound content efforts. We had been utilising HubSpot for about 3 months, but needed help to take our content strategy to the next level as well as maximizing the value of Hubspot. We have a very complex B2B and highly specific target market and we were blown away by how quickly Charles and team understood our current state, created a practical and impactful plan and then help us execute it. The team excel's in both strategy as well as execution - a rare combination in most consulting organisations. I consider them a true partner in our marketing efforts and would highly recommend them to any size organisations, as they have over delivered on their promise and a valued part of our communication mix.
-- Jonathan Rolley CEO, Direct Response Media
Like many companies, we used an "old school" playbook as of late and when it came to true marketing automation we were.. lost! We all have heard the social media story and how online presence is the key to everything right? But how do we take that and actually make it into definable metrics? How does that bring in leads? How can we actually spend money and know if its "working"? It is one thing to talk about coming up with a plan but its totally another to make a plan that works and execute it. Synx helped us understand the world as it stands today from a marketing perspective and then helped us create a plan and make actionable steps towards our goals. As business owners and decisions makers i'm sure we all ask ourselves whether its worth outsourcing things or to try and do everything in house. I can tell you emphatically that this was a NO BRAINIER! Synx quite literally turn months worth of research, learning, and implementation into WEEKS!
-- George Bardissi CEO, BVoiP.
We are a property project marketing company, and we have been looking for a solution to help with our email marketing, lead nurturing and CRM. We have been using Hubspot for over 2 months now on the marketing side, and recently our whole sales team of 7 sales reps have started using the CRM. Since using Hubspot, my role has changed and I'm thrilled with how easily Hubspot covers so many areas of both lead nurturing and brand marketing. The seamless integration between the CRM and the marketing component is incredibly beneficial to everyone in the company, from sales, to marketing, to accounts, finance and reporting to our clients. While still very new, Capital is very positive about Hubspot taking us to the next level, in terms of ensuring our leads are looked after exceptionally well while easing our workload so that we can concentrate on other areas of the business. Charles McKay from Synx has delivered a remarkable product in professional, thorough manner. Very pleased
-- Gabrielle Patterson Marketing Manager, Capital Property Marketing
Having transitioned from IT MSP to SAAS business, we were struggling with the concepts of changing the way that we nurtured leads to customers. Capturing leads was always an easy part for us because we solve a very niche problem, that ranked highly organically with our key search terms, but we had no visibility at all on who to contact and what they needed. Following the implementation of HubSpot, the built-in workflow automation that tells us who to contact and why to contact them, we can check what information prospects are interested in which continues to help evolve our products and services. This has resulted in a much more consistent and manageable growth, so we can onboard our new clients supporting them to become raving fans. Synx managed the Implementation of both HubSpot Marketing and CRM as well as providing ongoing strategy. Our focus now has turned to the buyers journey and processes which help to nurture leads and convert interest into customers.
-- Paul MacNeill Co-Founder, Wise-Sync
I've owned and operated a large digital agency business for almost 10 years, and so have extensive experience in digital marketing strategies. With the launch of our new software business we decided to start using the Hubspot website and sales CRM platform for one simple reason - everything is integrated to enable smarter decision making. We selected Synx as our partner because I quickly realised that even with our extensive digital experience, there is no way that we would be able to maximise the benefits of the Hubspot platform without a specialist like Synx. Synx has been responsible for overall strategy development, including content strategy and website conversion strategies. To date the results have been impressive and we highly recommend Charles and the team at Synx - their work has been outstanding.
-- Tony Loxton Managing Director, Blix
These guys live and breath inbound with everything thing they do. They have as much passion for creating success for my team as much as I do. If you have plans on growing your business organically, I strongly recommend you get in touch with them.
-- Tim Petersen National Sales Manager Higgins Coatings

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