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5 Tips for SAAS Providers on nurturing your leads after a conference

5 Tips for SAAS Providers on nurturing your leads from XeroCon 2015


Conversations both online and offline can often be misconstrued, which is why it’s imperative that you get your message across in just the way you mean to; and when nurturing your leads this advice is particularly important as it can mean the difference in converting trials into customers. Let us take you on a short journey through 5 Software as a service tips when nurturing your leads and how they can be beneficial to you after your event. Such as IT Nation 2015. Are you getting a good ROI from the event? 

  • Attracting the right customer that actually needs your SAAS product
  • Keep Retention High
  • Reducing Cost per Acquisition
  • Managing your leads in your database
  • Following up leads from events

Step 1: Attracting the right customer that actually needs your SAAS product.

You need to pay particular attention to your churn rate as it can have a detrimental effect on your software company, right across the spectrum, if your churn rate is too high you can suffer setbacks on growth and be continuously chasing your tale in trying to acquire new customers, where you should be focusing on the retention of your current customers. 

Ensure that your initial sales phase is only geared to attracting the right customers make sure you understand your customer base, how you need to portray you message and most importantly how they will benefit from you service.  Your less than ideal customers would be the ones that expect too much, feel they’re entitled to more and generally generate very little profit. Knowing your customer base should be at the core of your SAAS business.

Step 2: Keep Retention High

As we mentioned previously customer retention is of the utmost importance, you should be offering a product that is far superior to what your competitors offer and at a price that keep your customers happy. Customer dissatisfaction is the no.1 factor for the loss of a current client, ensure that you regularly keep up to date with your customers needs and respond pro-actively to any issues they may be facing.

Step 3: Reducing Cost per Acquisition 

You marketing database or leads list can contain a host of valuable information, often at times you will be able to pick up on patterns in the database that will enable you to target the more viable leads. You should be profiling all of your leads to conversion and over time building data sets on what data an ideal lead should contain. Once you have this information on hand you will then be able to streamline the sales process by targeting the more efficient lead sets.

Step 4: Following up leads from events

Hosting regular events is a great way to create social contact with your potential client base; it’s essential though that you follow up the leads from these events in a timely and professional manner. When it comes to event follow-ups, marketing automation and lead nurturing are some of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Prior to the event you should have a step by step plan of how your sales team will follow up, including timely contact, information distribution and sending follow up slides of the event. 

Step 5: Managing your leads in your database

Considering your customer base as the proverbial goose that lays the golden egg will keep you and your company in good standing. All your incoming leads should be optimised and graded, your marketers should have regular feedback in terms of what you qualify as a class A lead, you should continually be tuning and refining this process until you have data on what the ‘perfect’ lead entails. 

Let your customers trial your product, don’t be afraid of going down this route as often a potential lead will want to ensure they are receiving the best ‘bang for their buck’, as you’re offering a solid product with backed up experience you should have nothing to be afraid of by offering trials.  Get involved with online marketing, if you’re still using traditional methods to generate leads then you are leaving far too much on the table for your competitors. 

Implementation of these 5 essential tips will ensure you have a successful event at IT Nation 2015. We wish you all the best. May the sales force be with you.


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