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Increase Leads With Pinterest Social Media for Real Estate


Pinterest is a powerful internet tool for marketing especially for social media in real estate. This is also one of the fastest growing online platforms that people are interested with and are visiting on a daily basis. Believe it or not, Pinterest has more annual visitors than YouTube and it is only a new thing in the online world. With time everyone will be visiting Pinterest just like social media.

This platform can be very useful and helpful to a real estate agent mainly because it focuses on images. However, in order to maximize the full potential of this platform, there are a few things that one should do or know. These are:

  • Develop a Reputable and organized WebsitePintrest Social Media for Real Estate
  • Post High Quality and Attractive Pictures on Pintrest
  • Generate Followers 


Step 1: Develop a Reputable and organized Website

Dedicating your website to showcase the real estate property on offer, its surrounding or even lifestyle expected is a reliable way of targeting buyers of custom luxury homes. You could have several websites dedicated to various pieces of property and link them to your main real estate website. Linking them up in this manner aids in driving traffic and increasing the search engine ranking of your website. You can then expect to drive even more traffic.

Step 2: Post High Quality and Attractive Pictures on Pinterest

Pinterest is essentially an online platform for social media for real estate where people can post (pin) pictures of the homes that they are selling. Once you have pinned the picture you should add an attractive title that will be easy to find and descriptive. Once you have done this, visitors will be able to view whatever you have pinned using relevant keywords. The visitors can then re-pin the pictures on their boards and you will be notified on this. Furthermore each picture will have a link back to your website and the visitors will be led back to you. It is therefore very important to post very attractive pictures that will catch the attention of the visitors. You should get good images at strategic angles and use attractive titles as well. However, it is important to take genuine pictures because the customers would like to see the house at last or you wouldn’t want to get in trouble with any copyright issues for using someone else’s pictures. 

Step 3: Generate Followers

You don’t have to wait for people to find your pictures to come back to your website. Many people love interesting and creative ideas and thus you can create your own Pinterest board with headings that are creative and post pictures of your homes regularly. This way you will find that you are being followed as the visitors will be interested with what you are posting from time to time. This will furthermore increase traffic to your website. High traffic to your website also gives you an upper hand in SEO marketing as your ranking on search engine sites such as Google will go higher.

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