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Success Stories integration into HubSpot is live

It has been a busy month at Synx HQ. We've put our dev hats on to solve some complex problems for our clients.

Having implemented a HubSpot portal for a client in the realestate verticle over 18 months ago, I asked the question, "Can we get the details so I can organise your leads from to come into HubSpot?" What do you think I got at that time? "We can give you a CSV file. Will that do?" Well, no, I thought. But we had to leave it at that. has now come to the party and have started to build out some APIs to connect to their marketplace. integration into hubspot is now live. If you are not sure what is, its the leading real estate site in Australia, with over 2 million visitiors a month so if you are in real estate its a market place to place your property. 

So when we found this out, we were like BOOM, we can build that integration for you. We have since been coding away and built an integration from directly into HubSpot. So what does this mean?


So what is the challange? "Manual data entry from - estimated 2 million visitors a month and when you receive hundreds of leads a month, someone has to enter that data manually and then trigger campaigns, which we all know never happens sorry sales guys. 

So we Custom integration has been built by Synx so that every 2 minutes the application looks for new leads from and then entered them into HubSpot, subsequently we have the custom fields setup in Hubspot to trigger custom campaigns. 

  • Q: Can I automatically inject leads from into HubSpot without using email?
  • A: Yes you can, and then have all the fields in as a separate field in your CRM.
  • Q: Can I then set up workflows to automate the marketing automation?
  • A: Yes you can, as the project ID will be a unique field, you can then build a list and trigger the workflow from that list.
  • Q: So if that's the case, I can then assign a project lead directly to a sales rep? 
  • A: Yes, you sure can – all within an instant. 
  • Q: Can I get this set up for my business? 
  • A: Yes you can. Please apply with the form below and one of our staff will be in contact soon. 
  • Q: Will you be integrating into Salesforce and microsoft Dynamics? 
  • A: Yes we will, it's in the roadmap. 

If you are interested in taking advantage of our integration, please complete the form below. We will also be building out other CRMs. If you are currently using integration and looking at integrating hubspot then this is for you. 


 Don't Lose your Leads

Integrate your leads into Hubspot seamlessly with Synx!

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See the how this has helped out our clients. 

  • Result – The result of this integration has allowed the business to set up efficient lead capturing with the ability to never lose a lead from REA. The integration of REA into HubSpot has allowed our business to set up dynamic workflows which has increased the speed of response and its effectiveness to enquiries tenfold. This simple yet absolutely critical element has given the ability for management to track and understand the lifecycle of every lead in HubSpot.
  • Impact – The impact the integration has had on our business can be seen in the amount of leads captured on a weekly basis and the speed of response by the sales team. A byproduct of the integration has been the fact that with all enquiries now going straight into HubSpot from REA, it has effectively ensured that our sales staff now capture the necessary information and utilize HubSpot for all elements related to our sales process.
  • Quality – Since going live with the integration, we have seen an increase in team productivity and responses from our leads. It has been an incredibly valuable process, we are happy to have utilized this in our business and will definitely see the long lasting benefits for many years to come.
Charles McKay

Charles McKayAuthor

Charles built a very successful I.T. Business from the ground up prior to SYNX. Bringing advanced technology skills to digital marketing, and the ability to explain it simply to his customers, is allowing SYNX to stand out in an overcrowded under-educated market. Synx is a digital marketing agency based in Australia, focusing our work on Marketing Automation, Demand Generation, Lead Generation and Social Selling.

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