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Are you creating Irresistible Offers

Is your team creating Offers for Different Buying Stages? Or is that too hard to manage?


Welcome to our 3rd instalment in our lead generation series. Today we’ll be focusing on a topic that can often be overlooked in the multiple layers of lead generation, and frankly is one of the most important.

Are you creating irresistible offers? Are your buyers enticed enough to follow through the sales funnel on the landing page? We all know that competition is increasing in the lead generation field; which is why we all need a USP that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Let’s take a look at a few great ways you can create that irresistible offer for your potential leads. 

  • Use the Element of Scarcity
  • The Bandwagon Effect 
  • Create Offers for Different Buying Stages
  • Avoid Corporate Gobbledygook


Step 1: Use the element of scarcity 

Part of human nature is to want those things we often can’t have, desire is a huge motivator in the lead generation industry and you can use this to leverage more conversions.   Simply put, you will be creating increased demand for your product by subtle suggestion that the rarity of the product requires an immediate action on the potential leads behalf.  In the run up to holiday weekends as well as traditional holiday times such as Christmas and Easter, you will see most of the larger corporate utilise this tactic in the form of sales with limited stock. If your potential lead believes the product is only available for a certain amount of time then it’s highly likely they will be more incentivised to ‘impulse’ buy as opposed to researching further. 

Step 2: Less is More The Bandwagon Effect 

Trends and consumer behaviour are gold for lead generation as we’re able to leverage consumer buying power by analysing and implementing this dat. The bandwagon effect is a term coined to refer to the behaviour of a consumer following a trend that is created by the need or want of the mass populous. When the public is swayed by a product or service, this creates a ripple effect, which in turn attracts new and unsuspecting potential consumers to desire the product as well. 

One way you can jump on the bandwagon is by utilising your current data and ensuring your qualified leads are promoting your product to their own social contacts, this can be done through the use of social media sharing as well as further incentivised offers for the lead to promote your product further. It goes without saying, the higher quality product you offer; the more likely it will be that you create a ‘ripple affect’ with consumers

Step 3: Create Offers for Different Buying Stages

As we mentioned previously creating a landing page that matched your CPA is of the utmost importance and the same applies to having unique content which is consistent with the current buying stage of the sales funnel.  Of all the lead generation strategies we have implemented, the highest performing without a shadow of a doubt are those that target leads at different stages of the sales funnel with content to match. In order to convert leads in the early stages of the sales funnel, lead generation strategies should offer free guides and eBooks. Free trials or demos, on the other hand, are useful for converting leads mid-way through the buying cycle. Remember that leads in the early stages of the sales process aren’t likely to use any forms of ‘Contact’ as they are still in the decision making process and are not quite ready to take the next step in the process.

Step 4: Avoid Corporate Gobbledygook 

Layman’s terms is often the best seller in the sales process, at times it can be hard to resist inserting information that will give a more ‘corporate appeal’ to the landing page; this is something you want to avoid. Buyers are wising up to sales pages and processes and like to be treated as they were having a normal conversation with friends. Avoid using technical terms and layering ‘corporate speak’; try to create your content in such a way that is becomes conversational for the potential lead and is easy to digest. KISS – Keep it seriously simple.

We hope you have enjoyed part 3 in our series of lead marketing. As always, should you have any questions at all, and then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the Synx team who will be more than happy to help.



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