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Is revenue growth a top priority for you in 2016? Are you confident that your strategy is strong enough to deliver that growth? Grow with HubSpot is a half-day event that will teach you how to use inbound marketing to increase your business's market share and make this a year of remarkable growth.

This half-day inbound marketing event will:

  • Teach you how to craft and implement an inbound marketing strategy aimed at increasing website traffic, new leads and sales revenue month-over-month

  • Invite you to listen to the success stories of our local customers straight from the marketers who drove the results for their companies

  • Show you what the future of marketing looks like, and how industry leaders like HubSpot plan to continue helping sales and marketing professionals drive growth

  • Help you evaluate HubSpot as both a platform for growth and a strategic partner, as well as inbound as a methodology for your company

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Some shot clips fom the Customer Q&A Panel at #GrowWithHubSpot Melbourne by MK Getler APAC Senior Inbound Marketing Consultant at HubSpot
Featuring Ahmad Elhawli from MCCA Alexandra Chapman from Totally Optimized Projects and our very own Charles McKay. 
Video transcript:

MK Getler: Especially when you are coming up with your own methodology for things to understanding the challenges maybe of the industry or your bio personas harping on those challenges and helping people to overcome those challenges with your content. Really successful way to get people in… and in sounds like qualified people to come to your website and convert on your landing pages. What about you Charles? 

Charles McKayOkay, so I got a client in New Zealand who got a small software company (DeskDirector). And he is quite well-known within the HubSpot network of doing weekly video and the videos get… depending on the topic if the subject a lot of good good click through rates but there is a new feature coming out and we are talking about how to get a better result after the video is now sent. So initially he is writing… just doing the video and writing a small blog about it. So then we decide let's do a transcription of the whole video and like all of a sudden like wham, it just totally changed everything. Because of the video that's going out on air but then what's being written… because some people don’t even watch the video, some want to read it. So you are sort of heading towards those two audiences and then that got shared because the new pages of picture of people what are asking for and it still converts today and all in the other videos originally that don't convert continually because there is no contents there, so you looking at some of the videos there on the web. Maybe just write the video out.

MK Getler: That's brilliant too, and I like the fact that you also talked about the new EM which we really talk a lot about content and think
Video transcript:

MK Getler: Travis tell me a little bit about the challenges that you are seeing. I'm sorry I didn't introduce… Travis so Edmond and Alex are actually both direct customers for HubSpot, so they work with HubSpot, Charles also actually works with HubSpot customers to help them build their brand, with strategies and also website design and consultant services website. Sorry for interrupting you Charles, fire away. 

Charles McKay: One of the challenges I suppose like I see quite a lot is. Digital has been around a long time and there is always little sidelines with digital and the beauty of HubSpot is sort of brings it all into that one flat package, but there is an education piece of going from just social media to SEO and SEM and blogging. And what does that mean. The bit of what we are doing is we getting there is entertainment HubSpot is actually helping with that naturally is getting it to be what's your business goals. Digital is a point of that, it sells marketing and marketing is point of that, but what's the ultimate goal and instead of looking at each little digital bringing it into one big sideline and say roughly this is what we are trying to achieve. But you use these medium and then and you go out and combine them into one package and it's an education piece work. We are being digitally smashed with so many things over the years and what works and what doesn’t and that's another real powerful thing with HubSpot. The analytics are there; the recordings are there. So you can test really quickly. Let's try and test it, if it doesn't work, let's move on. You know you have to try it for two or three weeks. You can't do it in two days.

MK Getler: Okay, thank you so much for joining today. One thing I want to ask you before we wrap up is of all the tools that Hubspot… all the apps that are available to you. What is your favorite app? I might have Alex's already but…

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Charles built a very successful I.T. Business from the ground up prior to SYNX. Bringing advanced technology skills to digital marketing, and the ability to explain it simply to his customers, is allowing SYNX to stand out in an overcrowded under-educated market. Synx is a digital marketing agency based in Australia, focusing our work on Marketing Automation, Demand Generation, Lead Generation and Social Selling.

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