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How Content Marketing Defined Can Help You Live a Better Life

Is your team making use of content marketing on your prospects? Or is that too hard to manage? Call Synx today and get your Content Marketing Defined


Content marketing is a leading-edge approach used in today’s world to drive those golden leads to your business. We know what we want; we know who we’re targeting; we have a specific outcome in mind and we’ve evolved way beyond spending too much time on too many platforms and just hoping for good results.

This is a new way of marketing for a new generation of buyers.  We know that when it comes putting ads out there or sponsoring content online the buyer’s loyal to the platform, not loyal to us. That’s terrible marketing and it’s totally outdated. Forget the “hard sell” via boring PowerPoint decks and generic brochures. 

The thing is, you’re not really “selling” at all these days. Relationship building is where it’s at. And the relationship needs to incorporate three key elements. 

  • Timing Connection 
  • Engagement 
  • Education


Think about this way: Imagine your buyer’s the barista who pours your morning latte- over time, you’ve come to rely upon one another, and you know what to expect.  She may know what you’re going to order before you even open your mouth.  And you’re certain that she’ll pour you the perfect latte you’re accustomed to drinking every morning.  That’s the outcome of a successful relationship, built over repeating a targeted interaction, again and again. Symbiosis at its finest.

Long-Term Strategy for Substantial ROI

When it comes to content marketing, you’re going to be in it for the long haul- but you’re also going to see a substantial uptick in your ROI from a loyal following. Goals aren’t really goals unless they’re measurable, and content marketing gives you the power to measure and manage every aspect of your strategy.

Consistency is also key. Content marketing depends on a constant flow of great content. Don’t worry- you can divvy up the work, maybe even hire a firm to keep your content engine humming.

You’ll tell relevant brand stories, to an eager and engaged audience that genuinely wants to hear from you- and eventually, buy from you. It’s about meeting them where they’re at, then giving them valuable information to chew on, and they’ll be back for more.  Gain insight into who your buyers are, and where they’re coming from, and use those stats to for ongoing tweaks to your strategy.

Differentiation to Build Client Retention

Most buyers – individuals or business decision makers– first engage with suppliers through some form of content marketing. First impressions mean everything now, and they can make or break your business.

But there’s not just one way to make that first impression. Content marketing’s exclusive and laser focused approach can be deployed in a number of different ways, especially if you’re aiming to be a thought leader in your field. Remember- meet you buyers where they’re at. Deliver relevant content where they want it, when they want it.

  • BlogsPerfect for buyers searching you online
  • WhitepapersGood for engaging with buyers who may not have time to peruse your site but want to be educated later
  • Ebooks - Ideal way to position yourself as a thought leader in a target market
  • Case StudiesEffective for buyers who need reliable evidence
  • WebinarsGreat tool for engagement and education
  • TestimonialsEasy way to prove trust and reliability


That’s a lot to take in, but luckily Synx is poised to help. Our content marketing handbook will give you the tools you need to create meaningful relationships with buyers and evolve your marketing strategy to 2015 and beyond. Download your copy today and get your Content Marketing Defined.

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