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Employing better Web data Analytic's for Better Real Estate Content Ideas

Employing Web Analytic's for Better Real Estate Content Ideas


Blogging at regular intervals is easier to do for most people, but deciding on the next blog topic to write about can prove quite challenging. Analytics tools are available for this reason and utilizing them can aid you in locating your target clientele when marketing real estate property. Web analytics helps you measure content quality as well as understand how internet users behave online. It is a brilliant resource for assessing the needs of users, which includes what they find valuable and irresistible. Analytics tools facilitate you to know the real estate content topics readers value in a number of ways.

  • Inbound Web AnalyticsBlog tags and Categories
  • Top-Performing Blog Posts
  • Internal and External Searches
  • Outgoing Traffic
  • Rate of Comment







Step 1: Blog tags and Categories

An effective scheme for website navigation improves usability yet also supports analysis of content as well. Applying topic-driven navigation enables you gain insight into the topics which are most popular. As such, you get to know the topics which you may revisit or even explore to for writing new blog posts.

Listing links to categories and tags of blog posts is a very common feature. Users who browse such categories inform you of those topics which captivate them. Conversely they ignore the links which they find unappealing. You can conduct evaluation of page views for real estate property using Web analytics tools.  

Step 2: Top-Performing Blog Posts

Taking a glance at highly-performing pages provides insight into more specific and interesting topics on per-post basis. When sorting blog pages, note down the topics, which include the related category then tag pages while paying special attention to topic-combinations. Get to discover the posts which rank well within search results and which worth sharing the most.

Step 3: Internet and External Search

Visitors can signify to you the kind of topics which interest them most via the search box. However, internet users are not always aware of the right terms to use when conducting searches. Using an analytics tool can enable you to view individual search terms of the internal site, which helps you assess if the search results obtained match the inquiry. You can measure this partly by considering if visitors click on search results or opt to leave your site, abandoning their search.

This applies to external search conducted through Google along with other search engines. Establish what keywords drive traffic onto your site. In particular, this approach focuses on prospective readers of your website. Get to view search terms in order to know what topics they find most attractive. Once you obtain this information, furnish them with relevant blog content on these topics. You need to focus less on what exact terms are used when searching internet material and rather do it more on those to which they relate. 

Step 4: Outgoing Traffic

Tracking outgoing links enables you to learn the external sources along with topics related which capture the attention of your potential homebuyers. Majority of applications for web analytics, including Google Analytics, fail to track outbound links. However, you may manually tag them or utilize tertiary plug-ins, like Google Analytics customized for WordPress, which auto-tags outbound links for tracking purposes. Remember to be keen with topics. Find out the external websites your readers focus on most and if they do address topics which are of value to them and can convert leads into sales.

Step 5: Rate of Comment

Engagement of internet visitors serves as a critical benchmark for assessing quality of content. It is among the ways most effective for measuring engagement with blog content. Get to know the percentage of readers who leave comments on blog posts. Go beyond this and view this comment rate by topic to know which ones resonate with your readership the most. Topical evaluation of comments could assist you in understanding the topics which your readers find most engaging, coupled along with certain metric systems for gauging popular posts. 

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