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Welcome to our 4th instalment in our lead generation series. Today we’ll be focusing on multi-channel lead generation and how it can rocket your lead generation.  You may have a very successful single sales channel at the moment; but as always, if you’re not branching out into other channels available to you, then you’re leaving it all on the table for your competitors. 

Use the Element of Scarcity
Blogging Brings in the Leads
Email Marketing
Social Media
Organic Search
Use Links and CTAs within Offers
A/B Testing
Reducing cost per acquisition


Step 1: Blogging Brings in the Leads 

Exposure means more leads, the more you expose your product to a wider audience the larger your market becomes and the more leads you will generate. Blogging is the perfect medium for lead generation as it enables you to reach a far wider audience than traditional methods such as mail shots would reach.

Target influencer bloggers within you industry and ask them to compile guest post features or product reviews with clear to call actions in the content which is being published. Another great tip is always try and use Authorship mark-up in the content being posted and use either your own personal details or the product brand details, this will ensure you start to grow a following that will envisage you as a leader within your particular industry. 

Step 2: Email Marketing 

Lead generation typically draws on new technology to find and utilise the latest methods for marketing and high quality lead generation; what is often overlooked though, is email marketing.  It, to this day, is still the simplest and most effective form of lead generation. As you’ll be well aware by now, list building is imperative in the generation of leads, if you’re not capturing leads for list building – you should be doing this right now. 

Consumers are incredibly familiar with email as a platform and as humans we tend to place more trust in mediums we are comfortable with, you can leverage this trust level through the simple use of email marketing. 

You should be building an opt-in list of leads and prospects who will anticipate your communication because of the high quality content they know will be delivered to them. Once you have a substantial list in place you can then start to draw a road-map for future mailing updates. When you’re creating the content there are a few important factors to keep in mind.

Subject Line - Create subject lines that clearly address your leads businesses problems

Visual Media – Don’t be shy in using imagery in your email content. The brain comprehends images 60,000 times faster than text. Get your message across quickly and efficiently

Education – To funnel your leads correctly and get them to effectively move down the sales process; you should be education your potential leads with as much information as possible. Some examples would be; to have them consume your content:  eBooks, webinars, case studies, slide shares or videos.

Step 3: Social Media 

There is no question that social media marketing is and should be a critical element of your marketing plan.  A typically marketer can spend up to 8 hours a week on various social media platforms, and although direct conversions can be difficult to measure, it is without a doubt a huge factor for brand and product placement. You can leverage social media through the simple implementation of social sharing buttons on your website.

Step 4: Organic Search

In digital marketing terms there are two main drivers of traffic from search engines. PPC (Pay per click) and organic traffic, through the use of PPC you are able to use a set budget to receive set amount of traffic. The downside to PPC is that it’s no scalable with a fixed budget.

On the other hand, a well planned SEO (Search engine optimisation) strategy can bring in large amounts of organic traffic which is laser targeted, ranking for key sales keywords can make a huge difference in acquiring leads. If you haven’t already; we would advise speak to a marketing agency who can implement a well executed digital marketing plan for your business.


Step 5: Use Link and CTA's within Offers 

As we’ve discussed previously; in all of your marketing material you should be using clear CTA’s as well as links that discuss additional benefits of your product to the potential lead.

CTAs can be added to any of the content you’re already producing in order to make each effort more effective at converting leads, we are also able to use ‘smart’ CTA’s, which are designed to specifically target a segment of your target market based on previous data, purchasing behaviour, much like re-targeting used for online advertising. 

Step 6: A/B Testing 

You should be continuously testing and refining every part of your sales process; A/B testing or also know as split testing allows you to test offers with two variants and optimises on the offer that is producing the best results. 

Marketing should not be about guess work and more about data driven analysis, this will allow you to shift the conversion process from ‘we think’ to ‘we know’ . There are multiple tools online which cater for all elements of split testing. A/B testing will allow you to only show the best converting ads which ultimately mean a higher quality lead at a lower cost per conversion.

Step 6: Reducing cost per acquisition

Here at SYNX we’re big fans for reducing cost per acquisition as this means we can greatly reduce the ROI in a short period of time without spending more on traffic. There are a few ways you can go about reducing your cost per acquisition.

GEO targeting – It’s no secret that many countries under perform when it comes to lead acquisition as well as the quality of the leads generated. By reducing or eliminating the amount of traffic from underperforming locations; you can reduce your cost per acquisition and quality of your lead.

Mobile friendly – If your landing page or website is not mobile friendly then you need to stop running mobile ads immediately and get a web development firm to ensure your pages are all mobile friendly. A user will simply click away from a site that is not mobile friendly.

We hope you have enjoyed part 4 in our series of lead marketing. As always, should you have any questions at all, and then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the Synx team who will be more than happy to help, as love SAAS Multi-Channel Lead Generation.



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