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Five reasons to outsource your Marketing for IT in 2019

Staying relevant in 2016 means having one helluva digital marketing strategy. This is the age of the tech-savvy consumer

Staying relevant in 2019 means having one helluva digital marketing strategy. This is the age of the tech-savvy consumer, and simply having a website that functions as an online brochure won’t cut it in today’s hyper-competitive digital environment. That’s why many forward-thinking IT brands today are opting to outsource their digital marketing to an agency.


 Unsure whether outsourcing is the best option for your business? Here are five reasons why partnering with an agency should be on your to-do list this year:

  1. Outsourcing your IT marketing frees you up to focus on your offering.

Implementing a modern IT marketing strategy can be an incredibly resource-heavy and time-consuming task. This means that doing a good job of marketing your IT business takes a significant amount of your team’s attention away from perfecting and delivering your actual products and services. This doesn’t make any sense; you’re IT experts – not marketing experts – so your time is best spent on your offering. When you outsource your IT marketing, however, your team is free to do the work they’re most passionate about, while bona fide marketing pros take care of your marketing needs.

  1. Keeping up with digital marketing trends is a full-time job.

According to analyst Laura McLellan, CMOs will purchase more technology in 2017 that CIOs will. Although the IT world is your stomping ground, keeping on top of the latest digital and IT marketing trends is another ball game entirely. Consumer behaviour changes at a blistering rate, and marketing technology likewise evolves at a breakneck pace. Understanding which new technologies are essential IT marketing tools and which are superfluous gimmicks requires the kind of in-depth marketing know-how that only a specialist agency is likely to have. Staying on the cutting edge requires working with a team of dedicated marketing specialists who have their fingers perpetually glued to the industry’s pulse.

  1. Outsourcing IT marketing puts the brakes on your salary bill.

When you outsource your marketing to an agency, you eliminate the need to hire your own permanent in-house marketing team. While there could be benefits to having an in-house marketing team, one of the biggest drawbacks is having to pay more salaries every month. Remember, modern marketing strategies like content marketing require the efforts of a highly skilled team. At the very least, you’ll need a digital marketing strategist and an inbound-savvy copywriter. It goes without saying that these skilled, experienced professionals don’t come cheaply. When you work with an agency, however, your monthly retainer gives you access to a team of strategists, copywriters, proofreaders, community managers and data analysts.

  1. Finding – and keeping – talent isn’t your problem.

This point carries on from the previous one. Apart from keeping costs down, asking an agency to do your IT marketing for you spares you a host of HR issues. While finding talent in the first place isn’t easy, keeping employees happy, dealing with extended sick leave, and putting up with internal office politics can prove even more exhausting. When you sign with a marketing agency, none of that’s your problem.

  1. Your IT marketing strategy will benefit from insights gained in other industries.

Knowing your industry like the back of your own hand is, of course, essential to marketing yourself effectively. That said, limiting your research to just one industry can put blinkers on your marketing strategy. Because most agencies work across a range of industries, partnering with an agency means that your strategy will benefit from a range of fresh insights and new ideas. This kind of broad experience and influence results in outside-the-box strategies that could set you up as a leader in your own industry.



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