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Inbound marketing is a journey, not a destination

‘It’s all about the journey, not just the destination’ – no doubt you’ll have heard this little piece of wisdom before. As cheesy as it might sound, there’s a hell of a lot of truth in it. The ‘journey’ mentality was really brought home to me when I (unwittingly) embarked on my own inbound marketing journey. Sure, measurable results (the destination) are a cornerstone of the inbound marketing process, but it really is more about the journey than you’d think. In this blog, I’m going to tell you a bit about how I got onto the inbound marketing road and what Synx becoming a HubSpot Gold partner means for my business.


In the photo from the left: Charles McKay CEO Synx, Chris Day CEO IT Glue, Phil Claxton COO IT Glue, and one of the Wistia Team, hosting one of the after parties at Inbound 2015


I discovered HubSpot after several years of running my own business

After a decade or so of working across the board in sales, marketing, account and project management and IT, I started an IT company of my own – branching out into the world of entrepreneurship. Three years later I had rebranded the business as Synx – a marketing agency. And so my hunt for the best sales and marketing platform began. I searched the internet tirelessly for anything and everything it had to offer. After a lot of research – and a lot of coffee – I found HubSpot.

One day into my HubSpot trial, and I was hooked on this outstanding platform

Yes, it was out of my price range, but after messing around with the demo of another inbound marketing software, I decided to make the investment and give HubSpot a go. It took me a day to test the platform on the Synx website, and after one day I was utterly converted. Not only is it a powerful tool with a great methodology, but I really admired the company’s core values, which are summed up in this HubSpot blog post. I also loved the fact that HubSpot’s co founders, CEO Brian Halligan and CTO Dharmesh Shah, are still heavily involved in the business, even after the company became publicly listed in August 2014.

After consistently producing content for the last year, Synx is now a HubSpot Gold partner

Signing up to HubSpot is what really got me started on this incredible inbound marketing journey. I committed to their partner programme and started steadily growing my client base. The next fateful step was being put in touch with Daryn Smith, co-founder of an inbound marketing agency in Cape Town. (I found them after HubSpot recommended six of the best global content creators.) Fast forward twelve months, after certifying lots of new business, honing internal processes and producing consistent content to get inbound leads, and Synx is now a Gold HubSpot partner – the largest HubSpot agency in Melbourne. What a ride it’s been!

HubSpot gives growing businesses the structure and processes they need to realise their visions

Starting out as a young entrepreneur, I had all the ideas and the big dreams – but no structure. I had the vision but I didn’t know how make it a reality. With HubSpot inbound sales and marketing methodologies & EOS business methodology, I now have that structure to build upon and improve the process that is inbound marketing, because that’s what inbound really is: a process. It’s been awesome to work with HubSpot and other agencies during this evolution of inbound, which is changing the way businesses do sales and marketing. I now work with agencies in Singapore, the USA and South Africa, and have clients across Australia, the USA and Germany. It’s really opened the world up to me and I love it. Joining this inbound journey has certainly changed my life, as no doubt it has, and will, change others’ too.


Are you ready to take action?

If you own or work in a business that has a vision and wants to grow and team up with people who have skills you don’t, then we should talk. I’ll even give you a free assessment of your current website with some tips that will help you from day one.

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Charles McKay

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Charles built a very successful I.T. Business from the ground up prior to SYNX. Bringing advanced technology skills to digital marketing, and the ability to explain it simply to his customers, is allowing SYNX to stand out in an overcrowded under-educated market. Synx is a digital marketing agency based in Australia, focusing our work on Marketing Automation, Demand Generation, Lead Generation and Social Selling.

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