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The Role of Social Media in Content Marketing

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Historically, brands have always struggled with social media marketing. However, traditional social media marketing is stale and outdated- why would a buyer want to keep up with a brand churning out obviously regurgitated content, or content they find completely irrelevant? Content marketing, with its educational approach based around buyer engagement, is a strategy your buyers will find refreshing and tantalizing. They’re going to become your best champions


In order to redefine the role of social media in your marketing strategy, think about the way your content marketing functions. It’s a good idea to engage with a digital marketing specialist as you rethink your existing social media approach. Instead of having tweets and updates broadly focused on your entire client base at a set time every day or week, you’ll be able to work with a consistent steady flow of content that you can adapt for, and share across, all your various social networks. 

Keep your marketing automation software- but automate social media updates that lead your buyer away from a social media platform and toward original content.

Content that is unique. Content that is new. Content based on individual personalities and their specific place in your customer lifecycle.

It’s only natural that your buyers will find this content relevant- and in turn, it’s a logical outcome that they’ll end up sharing your content within their own social network. 

Start to reverse your thinking around social media- strategize around content first. 

Instead of thinking of social media as content in and of itself, you’ll want to consider it simply a method for distributing and promoting some of the content forms we have already discussed- whitepapers, infographics, etc. 

You can also hop onto Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on to engage with your buyers in discussion about your existing content- or evaluate the reach and effectiveness of the content you’re providing. 

And by strategizing around content, you have an easy way to measure your results. For example, HubSpot is a great tool to measure how your social network marketing is performing.

How can you “viralize” your content? Simple- be sure you’re aware of how your content can make your followers look better! Know your target buyers- with their personality and buying stage in mind, you can easily create content that will make them look smart and informed among their own followers. 

Synx is the perfect B2B marketing agency to help you align your brand with the right buyers in the right places. But in order to keep engagement consistent and posting relevant, you’ll want to create your social media strategy after you create your content marketing strategy. You want to work with original content created especially for your buyers, instead of leaning on content that already exists online. 




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